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Leading in “The Year of the Dog”

Feb 16, 2018 begins the Chinese Year of the Dog.  Dogs are loyal, generous, and protective.  Given all of unrest in the world right now and the lack of civil discourse in the US and other places, what does the Year of the Dog call us to do as leaders? Remember that...

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Working for a Leader I Trust

As a consultant, my name is impacted by the leaders with whom I work. That’s because as a consultant I have no power to act. I do have influence based on my knowledge and skills, and the point of hiring someone like me, who is outside of the organization, is to get an...

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Cathy is a change agent with deep experience, offering practical wisdom to help you take the lead, team up, act with courage and find balance along the way. Her first full-length book is available on Amazon and entitled: Confucius in my Cubicle: Practical Wisdom for the Leader in All of Us.